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ESPN News says Wade Phillips to be named coach

Oh man, how I pray this is true. It's in their Breaking News box on T.V. Wade Phillips to be named Cowboys head coach.

I'll start checking for confirming sources!

Mort says Phillips is on a plane to Dallas after being told he's the choice Wednesday night, according to NFL and Cowboys sources. It looks like it's for real.

Here’s the story on ESPN:

League and Cowboys sources have told ESPN's Chris Mortensen that Chargers defensive coordinator Wade Phillips will be named Dallas' head coach. Phillips traveled from San Diego to Dallas on Wednesday night after being told that he was their choice to replace the now-retired Bill Parcells.

While contract details must still be worked out and a contract formally signed, a formal team announcement for Phillips could come as early as Thursday.

Mortensen said he has confirmation of Phillips being the choice from a Cowboys source, a Chargers source and a NFL source. Sounds solid to me. The only thing left to be done is the contract. Jason Garrett will be named OC and we'll have to wait on the DC, but my gut tells me they'll promote Todd Bowles.

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