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Cowboys free agent news

Here's a good update on our free agents from the DMN. They are working to sign Marc Colombo, but here's the scoop on some players we haven't discussed recently.

The team has had talks with the agents for kicker Martin Gramatica and defensive end Kenyon Coleman. They do not plan on re-signing center Al Johnson, linebacker Al Singleton and safety Tony Parrish, who will be unrestricted free agents.

We'll be looking for a new backup center unless one of the guys on the roster can move over and handle it. I figured they would dump Al Singleton and Tony Parrish.

Here's some more on the RFA's.

Briefly: The Cowboys will tender qualifying offers to restricted free agents CB Nate Jones, CB Jacques Reeves, WR Patrick Crayton and LB Ryan Fowler. Crayton could receive the second-round tender worth $1.3 million, which would require a team to give up a second-round pick as compensation.

Interesting, a 2nd-rounder to sign Crayton. That's steep, but not overly steep. I'm a little worried about that, let's sign him to a long-term deal and dispense with the whole thing.

Jones, Reeves and Fowler will be tendered at $850,000, which would require teams to give up seventh-round picks for Jones and Reeves. Because Fowler was undrafted, the Cowboys would not receive compensation should he sign elsewhere. Instead of tendering linebacker Junior Glymph, the team re-signed him to a one-year deal worth $510,000.

That last part about Junior Glymph kind of snuck by. It's the 3-4, so you can't have enough rushing linebackers.

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