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Free agent safeties

Lenny P. lists his top 30 UFA's over at ESPN. I thought I'd pull out the safety candidates, since there has been talk about Dallas going after one in free agency. The list doesn't contain RFA Jordan Babineaux from Seattle, who has also been mentioned, and is a Cowboy killer over the past two years.

SS Ken Hamlin Overcame serious head injury sustained in 2005 to reclaim his starting spot last season and played well, especially versus the run. A big hitter with limited range and is always going to be most effective playing close to the line.
Possible landing spot: Houston, Carolina.

He's probably going to cost a lot and he's a hybrid-guy. He can cover, but he loves to be in the box and deliver big hits. Not sure if this is the exact fit we want, but the guy was pretty dang good before his injury.

FS Deon Grant  Never known as a big hitter, but has developed over the last few seasons into a solid two-way defender and a steadying influence in the secondary. Has 18 career interceptions and has proven very durable since missing his entire rookie season.
Possible landing spot: Dallas, New Orleans.

Haven't heard anybody discuss his name in relation to Dallas, maybe because he's going to cost a lot of money, but Lenny P. thinks he might fit in Dallas.

How about an unknown that no one is talking about.

FS Kevin Kaesviharn Little more than a spare part for much of his career, but has emerged the past two seasons as a very solid nickel defender and a guy some team is going to want to have around. Had six interceptions in 2006.
Possible landing spot: Dallas, Detroit.

Here's more on Kaesviharn from John Clayton.

3. Safety Kevin Kaesviharn, Cincinnati Bengals -- He might not go for a bargain price because he's one of the best coverage safeties available, but he's probably not going to break the bank. In other words, he won't go for Ed Reed, $6.35-million-a-year money. The safety market hasn't been set. Most of the available safeties are more strong safeties than free safeties.

Sounds like an intriguing possibility. Does anybody know more about this guy?

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