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Fowler possibly to Eagles; Leonard Davis video

The Eagles offered a contract to Ryan Fowler, and the Cowboys have seven days to match it. As discussed before, we don't receive compensation if he leaves because Fowler was an UDFA.

Cowboys reserve linebacker and special teams ace Ryan Fowler, who is a restricted free agent, was offered a contract by the Philadelphia Eagles on Friday.

"I want to be a starting linebacker in this league," said Fowler, who led the Cowboys in special teams tackles in 2006.


"I'm hoping an offer is made that Dallas won't match," Fowler said.

It's obvious Fowler wants to move on to greener pastures, so I'm pretty sure the Cowboys will accommodate him.

Update [2007-3-10 20:40:13 by Grizz]: As lee3022 reminds me below, Fowler hasn't signed the contract yet, so the clock isn't ticking on the Cowboys. My mistake. Fowler is still shopping. [END UPDATE]

Former Cowboy FB and Parcells Guy - Richie Anderson - got into a little trouble the other night.

Former NFL running back Richie Anderson, now an assistant coach with the Arizona Cardinals, was arrested during a Phoenix police anti-prostitution operation.

Want so see Leonard Davis playing against Dallas last year? Everlastingxxx put up an edited YouTube video of the game. Check it out below. You'll see that Davis struggles with speed rushes and dealing with DeMarcus Ware out in open space, but he does a pretty good job on the run blocks. With his size though, I would've like to see him blow open running lanes on a more regular basis. Chris Canty stands him up on several occasions.

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