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Cowboys news and notes

I've been going on about the fullback position quite a bit lately, wondering if Oliver Hoyte was the one and only choice. I hadn't seen that the Cowboys tendered a contract to Lousaka Polite, but apparently they did.

Fullback Lousaka Polite did receive a tender, but like Fowler, he was not a draft pick.

I'm still not satisfied with the position as it stands. Polite tries hard but has limited skills. Hoyte looks like he might be a solid blocker, but it's probably too much expecting him to do any of the other things you'd like to see from a fullback like swing passes, screens, or carrying the ball every once in a while. I'm still hoping the Cowboys will add some personnel to this mix before the start of the season.

Peter King is dogging some free agency signings in his latest MMQB column, including the signing of Leonard Davis.

Tackle Luke Petitgout, who signed with Tampa Bay last week, is a better football player than newly signed Dallas guard Leonard Davis. But you can't tell it by their contracts.


Davis has never made the Pro Bowl. He's a classic underachiever. Maybe the Cowboys can resuscitate his career, but this looks to be a classic case of Jerry Jones having some cap room and needing desperately to spend it on some player, any player. It's not a smart football signing.

Time will tell. Another free agent signing involving a Dallas player was dogged by Packers GM Ron Wolf in the same article. But this time, it's an ex-Cowboy.

"This market's amazing," [Wolf] said. "Al Johnson, what did he play last year? Seven plays? And he gets $7 million ... No, he didn't just play seven plays, but he didn't start."

Yeah, I thought the money Johnson got was a little silly, too.

Another signing that I think is a little silly because of the size of the contract.

[Ryan] Fowler will earn $5 million this season in signing bonus, roster bonuses and base salary, which probably will be too rich of a deal for the Cowboys to match.

Wow, he better earn the starting job in Tennessee, or the signing will be truly silly.

As noted by BTB regular Burt D in this diary, ESPN can't get enough of the Cowboys on their network and hired Emmitt Smith. They fired Michael Irvin, only to replace him with two Cowboys, Smith and Bill Parcells.

The "dealing Julius Jones for draft picks" rumor has taken on a life of its own since the Philadelphia Daily News first reported it. Tom Orsborn sets his standards for a trade.

Even though I think Jones has many good days ahead of him, I'd be inclined to bid him farewell if a proposed deal included another first-day pick, especially a second rounder.

The Cowboys have 10 picks in the draft, including No. 22 overall (first round), No. 53 overall (second round) and No. 87 overall (third round). With three picks in the first two rounds, the Cowboys could put themselves over the top if they hit home runs with each selection.

Right now, unless someone offered a 2nd-round pick, I'm not sure Dallas should even consider trading him. That's my cutoff line, somewhere in the 2nd-round. What's your cutoff line, or would you not trade him at all?

Poor Richie Anderson, it's all over for him

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