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Julius rumor making the rounds

Just in time for the trade "Julius rumors", rates the tandem of Julius Jones and Marion Barber as #4 in the NFL.

The Cowboys are reportedly listening to trade offers for Jones so they can feature Barber more. If they can't deal Jones, they'll maintain a pretty potent 1-2 punch. Jones' work in the beginning of games has allowed Dallas to bring in Barber when the defense is a little tired. That strategy has worked well.

Here's Adam Schefter's take on trading Julius Jones, given that Jones is in the final year of his contract.

In the interim, the Cowboys can address the issue in a variety of ways: They can turn their heads and do nothing; or they can opt to try to sign Jones to a long-term extension; or they can look to deal their running back, which would not be overly difficult to do.

Teams such as Green Bay, Tennessee, Buffalo and Indianapolis have noticeable holes at the running back position that Jones could help solve.

JJT on our defensive ends:

Q: Are the Cowboys disappointed with Canty and Spears?

Jean-Jacques Taylor: I would say they're a little disappointed with Spears and pretty pleased with Canty. This is a huge year for Spears. In this new scheme, he should be as good as he's going to ever be because he's going to be in attack mode. Canty should also benefit from being in attack mode, though he needs to become a much better pass-rusher.

AdamJT13, the Cowboys cap guru at the Zone says this about our cap.

Another update (3/13/07) -- After re-signing Colombo and cutting Fabini, we are $14,084,314 under the cap.

If Adam says it, you know it's true, the guy is never wrong.

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