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Colombo saves the Cowboys from RT hell

Abridged version of the new Mickey Spags article: Marc Colombo was a high draft pick, he got hurt, the Bears dumped him, Dallas gambled, now he's our starting right tackle. Now that we got that out of the way, here's the real nugget in Mickey's article.

Now, not to get carried away or dabble in hyperbole here, Colombo was not a Pro Bowler waiting to happen by no means, but he wasn't a slouch either, and it had been some time since the Cowboys had such quality play out of the right tackle position. And even that might be somewhat a backhanded compliment, since playing the position following Erik Williams' final season in 2000 had been Solomon Page, Javier Collins, Ryan Young, Kurt Vollers, Torrin Tucker and Petitti.

Only Petitti made a roster last year, and at that, he was a game-day inactive 15 out of 16 times.

Wow, the right tackle position for Dallas has sucked. Maybe Colombo will end the misery for a while.

Nick Eatman looks at what's left in free agency, and it's not much. He also tries to divine the Cowboys roster intentions going forward.

JJT does the Q&A thing.

The new DCFanatic Radio Show is up, click here to go to his site to listen.

We discuss our free agent signings so far and what we might do now going forward. My only real guesses were Ken Hamlin if his price comes down significantly or more likely former Cowboy and Chargers LB Randall Godfrey. Phillips may want him as a backup and as a teacher of the Phillips 34 on the field.  

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