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Jerry turns a buck

Our training camp now has a sponsor.

The Cowboys training camp has a sponsor.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones announced Wednesday that the summer training camp in San Antonio will be named the Built Ford Tough Dallas Cowboys Training Camp. The camp begins in late July.

Not mentioned in the article were the other sponsorship deals Jerry reached with other companies. From now on, the Cowboys complex in Irving will be known as the Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Complex. Other deals include Marc Colombo, who will be known as the McDonald's Big Mac Right Tackle, Marco Rivera will be known as the Butterball Turkey Free Agent Signing, and Leonard Davis will be known as the Wendy's Classic Triple with Cheese. In addition, offensive coordinator Jason Garrett will now be called Red Bull Energy Drink and QB coach Wade Wilson will simply be known as Volleyball.

Phillips 66 was approached to sponsor Wade Phillips, but since Wade refused to change the name of his defense from the Phillips 34 to Phillips 66, the sponsorship fell through. Wade argued that running the 66 defense would be in violation of rules stating only 11 players can be on the field. Phillips 66 top executives countered that this was just the kind of out-of-the-box thinking the Cowboys need to succeed.

Update [2007-3-14 13:35:13 by Grizz]: I didn't know about some of the other corporate sponsorship deals Jerry was working on. Luckily, you guys reported them in the comments.

Roy Williams - Toastmasters Strong Safety
3M Invisible Tape Cowboys Defense
Allstate is sponsoring Terrell "Good Hands" Owens
Tony Romo - Maxwell House "Good to the Last Drop" Quarterback
Wade Phillips - Pillsbury Dough Boy

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