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BTB says thanks to its readers

We reached a milestone. Last night, we passed one million page views here at BTB. Congratulations everybody. When I started this blog almost two years ago I had no idea what would happen. Because of you guys, it's surpassed anything I could've imagined at the time. The one million page views is for the time BTB has been part of SB Nation, which happened in December of 2005. In just under 14 months we've had over one million page views. That simply astounds me.

So thanks everybody and I hope this blog continues to serve all your Cowboys needs.

Yesterday I talked about what Jerry Jones said concerning the Julius Jones rumors. But what I didn't mention in that same post from the DMN blog was this:

Drafting a quarterback in the third round is a real possibility, according to Jones, but he does not want people to think he is looking at a future without Tony Romo. Given Brad Johnson's age and Romo's future, it only makes sense to look at the quarterback spot.

So put potential QB's on your draft radar, although I'm not sure why the 3rd round has been designated as the round.

Todd Archer took Jerry's comments as putting the kibosh on a potential Julius trade. I don't know, when an owner says "More than likely, unless we have an opportunity in the draft to do something, we'll be going with the running back group we ended the season with," that sounds like the door is definitely open for activity around the draft. I wouldn't discount it out of hand, but I don't think the Cowboys will get a deal to their liking. But if they did, Jerry sounds open to the possibility. Anyway, enough on the Julius Jones rumor.

Archer also quotes Jones as saying:

"I don't think we're done in free agency, but we would be done if we don't see an opportunity of value to improve our team," Jones said. "I don't see us at this juncture doing a pretty significant contract, but I wouldn't want to preclude it either because you've got movement and you've got teams making decisions and waiving players."

The time between now and the draft could be the Dead Zone for Cowboys fans.

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