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Open thread

There's not much news to report today. Plus, I don't have the time to write an opinion piece on any particular Cowboys situation because I'm about to watch my beloved Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets take on UNLV in March Madness. Yes, I've forsaken the Cowboys this morning for the love of my alma mater, Georgia Tech.

So I turn over the Cowboys discussion to you guys in this open thread. Anybody who has thoughts on free agency, the draft, our current roster or whatever, kick it off in the comments. I'll be back later today to update any information I can find. Hopefully, I'll be in a good mood after the Yellow Jackets put the smackdown on UNLV.

Also, lee3022 asked me in the comments about GT cornerback Kenny Scott, who is available in the draft. Scott came to GT as a highly touted prospect out of high school. We had very high expectations for him at GT. And while he certainly was steady during his college career, he never developed into the elite corner we had hoped for. So it might be that expectations are affecting my evaluation, but he's not a prospect for the first day - in my opinion - but if he's around in the later rounds of the second day, he would be worth taking a chance on. He seems to have all the physical skills you want, but he never consistently made the big play.

This open thread is now officially open. And it's open for any March Madness discussion, too.

Update [2007-3-16 13:44:3 by Grizz]: Tough loss for Georgia Tech. Now March Madness means nothing for me, so I guess I can get back to covering the Cowboys.

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