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Tentative training camp dates set for Cowboys

Well, I was away from the computer all day after Georgia Tech lost in basketball. But that didn't stop the conversation; I came back and you guys had dropped four diaries on me. Sweet, great work. Heck, you guys don't even need me, I might just turn the blog over to everybody!

We got some tentative dates for training camp.

According to officials with the Cowboys and the city, practices at the Alamodome are tentatively scheduled to begin July 28 and run through August 12, with the final week of camp taking place in Irving. A Cowboys official said camp could start earlier if the team plays five rather than four exhibition games. One thing is certain: The team must be out of the Alamodome by Aug. 15 because the San Antonio Boat Show takes over the next day, according to a dome official. The Cowboys are scheduled to start moving equipment into the dome July 18.

Man, I can't wait. Last year's camp was a blast, this year I'll be very interested in seeing the Phillips 34 defense. Every time I say that - Phillips 34 - I feel obligated to post the super sweet logo I created right after we hired him - I wonder if Phillips 66 is going to sue me?

As expected, the Cowboys didn't match the Ryan Fowler contract.

Linebacker Ryan Fowler is officially headed to Tennessee.

The Cowboys decided not to match the Titans' four-year, $11.5 million offer sheet for the 24-year-old Fowler, a restricted free agent who drew serious interest from Philadelphia and appeared to have an agreement in place with the Eagles before signing Monday with Tennessee.

I speculated last week that Randall Godfrey might be a candidate to replace Fowler as a backup LB - but obviously not on special teams. I also was mentioning Ken Hamlin as a possible signee if his price came down. Apparently, the DMN blog agrees.

Hat tip to Deke for the Ryan Fowler link.

Jason Garrett was on the Galloway radio show today. He said his passing game is rooted in the Norv Turner/Ernie Zampese philosophy, which means a return to the offense of the 90's. If that's true, we need a Moose! He also raved about Tony Romo. Mostly about his natural athleticism and the way players seem to rally around him. One problem with Drew Bledsoe was his aloofness. Players just didn't seem to react to his style of leadership.

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