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Cowboys news and notes

I was thinking about Patrick Crayton's contract the other day, and whether the Cowboys might go ahead and sign him to a multiple-year deal. Mickey Spags answers a question in his mailbag about this very issue.

Q: Do you know if the Cowboys are going to get Patrick Crayton re-signed? Seems to me that he is very important to the offense. I don't think that Sam Hurd can do the same for the offense that Crayton can if the Cowboys lose him.

Mickey: Crayton is a restricted free agent, and the Cowboys sent him a $1.3 million tender, meaning if they decided not to match a restricted free agency offer sheet he signed then they would be compensated with a second-round pick. Not bad return on a seventh-round pick. Restricted free agency concludes on April 20, so don't expect anything to happen with Crayton until then - unless he signs an offer sheet. At that point, when his rights revert back to the Cowboys, then they might think about extending him a year or two to lower his cap impact for this year. If not, then he's working for $1.3 million this year, which is much more than his minimums totaled over the past three seasons.

From the RanchReport:

Continuing to look at improving their offensive line, the Dallas Cowboys have shown significant interest in center Samson Satele, has learned.

Steele, who is currently ranked as the No. 1 center available in the draft by, could also play guard at the NFL level.

Want to know how rich the richest NFL owners truly are? From Forbes via ESPN:

Here is the roster of the NFL's richest owners and their net worth: Paul Allen, Seattle, $16 billion; Wayne Huizenga, Miami, $2.1 billion; Stan Kroenke, St. Louis, $2.1 billion; Malcolm Glazer, Tampa Bay, $2.0 billion; Randy Lerner, Cleveland, $1.5 billion; Bob McNair, Houston, $1.5 billion; Arthur Blank, Atlanta, $1.3 billion; Jerry Jones, Dallas, $1.3 billion; Bob Kraft, New England, $1.3 billion; Steve Bisciotti, Baltimore, $1.1 billion; and Alex Spanos, San Diego, $1.1 billion.

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