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Cowboys interested in another safety

The RanchReport says the Cowboys are interested in another safety. The Cowboys are sure taking a lot of interest in safeties so far, that could be an indication.

Looking for additional help in the secondary, the Dallas Cowboys will take a closer look at Texas safety Michael Griffin in the coming days, has learned.

Griffin is the second safety the Cowboys have shown interest in this off-season. Dallas also visited Florida earlier this month check on Reggie Nelson.

Actually, it's the third one we've shown interest in. KFFL mentioned our interest in Melvin Bullitt last week.

Update [2007-3-19 21:39:8 by Grizz]: JJshairgel suggests in the comments that I was too harsh on Rodd Newhouse below. I think he's right, for some reason I felt the need to vent. I still don't agree with everything that Newhouse said, but I was probably out of line for the name-calling. I edited it down to reflect reasoned analysis. Mea culpa. [END UPDATE]

From the WTF Files. Check out this chat transcript from some guy named Rodd Newhouse who works for Scouts, Inc. Now I have to wonder about anything that comes from Scouts, Inc. without the name Todd McShay attached to it.

Q: Does that mean you are not sold on Romo?

Rodd Newhouse: I think Romo is a solid player, but has too many holes in him right now. I hoppe he takes this off-season to take the game more seriously and work on his decision making skills. I think the game was too big for him in tight situations. So long as the run game in in effect, he is great. Just like any QB, but when asked to "win" a game, I am not sold on his ability to process information quickly.

I'm not knocking the fact that he's not sold on Tony Romo yet, I think that's very valid and I've expressed the same opinion myself. I'm almost sold on him, just not 100% yet. But I don't agree with his reasons. If there is one thing Romo does well is process information when the pressure is on, Romo actually seems to play better under pressure. It's his ball security and his compulsion to try and always make the big play that worries me. Plus, he seems to always start a game slowly, not end it slowly when the pressure is on.

But that's really a matter of opinion, so I can't slam him too hard on that. But this one is the real clincher of idiotness - yeah, I just made that word up.

Q:...Did Dallas over pay for L. Davis (who is going to play at OG)

Rodd Newhouse: ...I do not think the Boys overpaid for LD. He is actually slated to play RT even with the re-signing of Colombo. I think LD is the best OG in the NFL who plays tackle. he would be the 2nd best guard (behind Larry Allen) if he were to truly play OG. LD will be in the Prop Bowl next year regardless of where wh plays upfront.

No one in the world believes that Leonard Davis is slated to play right tackle this year. Yeah, we just paid Marc Colombo $5 million in guaranteed money this year to sit on the sideline and answer the phone from the coaching booth upstairs.

Q: Now that Dallas' line is "fixed" do you see them going after a CB or FS in the first round?

Rodd Newhouse: They need a tremandous amount of work in that area. This area of their team has been ailing for the past two years. R. Williams in great in the box, but is really bad in coverage. Anthony Henry is out of position and has no catchup speed. They need a another shut down corner opposite Newman.

I understand that Henry is not an elite corner, but he's pretty darn good compared to some corners in the league (when he's not nursing nagging injuries). But the statement that Dallas needs another shut down corner is laughable. First of all, there are only a handful of shut down corners in the league, and Dallas is very fortunate to have one. Now he says we need two. Someone hand me a phone so I can call 1-800-SHUTDOWN - I mean really, it's just that easy!

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