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Leonard Davis is coming for a visit

Per the DMN blog:

UT-ex Leonard Davis, who was the No. 2 overall pick in the 2001 draft by Arizona, is expected to visit Valley Ranch today. The Wortham, Texas, native played the last three years at left tackle for the Cardinals, but he could be an option at guard with the Cowboys because of Marco Rivera's uncertain status following back surgery.

Signing Davis sounds like a very real possibility now, before it was just talk. You know how Jerry is when he gets someone in a room; if he wants him he'll usually close the deal - sometimes by over-spending. If Davis is coming to Dallas, it better be to play guard, but I'm worried they are doing this in case they can't sign Marc Colombo. If Colombo doesn't sign, then Davis becomes the lead candidate for RT, if we sign Colombo, I'm fine with Davis playing guard - or at least attempting it. But please Jerry, don't break the bank to sign him, and make sure the contract is structured in a way that doesn't kill us long-term. If Davis turns out to be a bust a second time, leave us a way out.

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