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Jets eyeing Kenyon Coleman

I'm amazed by the lack of activity on this first day of free agency. My theory is that there is so much money out there that free agents are being a little more finicky, hoping to land the big contract. Or maybe it's just the anticipation that is making things seem slow.

Anyway, the Jets might be taking a look at Kenyon Coleman.

The Jets are showing interest in Cowboys DE Kenyon Coleman. Makes sense. Coleman was only a backup in Dallas, but he was productive and shows potential. He's big and knows the 3-4 defense. Former coach Bill Parcells probably gave a good recommendation to GM Mike Tannenbaum. Coleman could visit the Jets next week.

I like Coleman. I thought down the stretch he was out-playing Marcus Spears. I would hate to see him leave.

Update [2007-3-2 15:18:45 by Grizz]: The DMN blog says Coleman is in Cleveland today, another 3-4 team. He's popular in the 3-4 world. [END UPDATE]

I'm losing any hope that we will go after Eric Steinbach.

Seattle, Tampa Bay and Cleveland are expected to be the first three stops for Steinbach, one of the highest-rated guards on the free-agent market, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Three teams already? Someone will throw a big number at him of those three.

Leonard Davis is supposedly at Valley Ranch according to Sirius radio. He could be a Cowboy by tonight knowing Jerry. I also saw a report posted that the Denver Broncos could want to meet with Marc Colombo. But I couldn't follow up on the post because KFFL doesn't have it listed and I can't find the story at the Denver Post which is supposedly the original source of the report. Anybody seen this report anywhere else besides on a message board?

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