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Free agents cash in

Before I talk about free agents, I wanted to post a welcome to the newest SB Nation blog, Acme Packing Company - home for the Green Bay Packers. Why Acme Packing Company? Because of this:

Initially, the team was called "the Indians," after the Indian Packing Company. But by the end of its first season, the Green Bay press was calling the team "the Packers," and the name stuck. In 1921, the Acme Packing Company obtained a franchise for the team from the American Professional Football Association (renamed the National Football League in 1922). Now two packing companies had financially backed the local team, making the name apt indeed.

Welcome Cheeseheads.

Possible Dallas visit?

Former Vikings QB Brad Johnson is expected to visit Denver tomorrow (Saturday) and possibly Dallas after that. Both teams are looking for veteran backup quarterbacks for young starters Jay Cutler and Tony Romo, respectively.

OK, free agency is now officially a land of lunacy. Have you seen some of these contracts?

49ers - Nate Clements signs for $80 million over 8 years with $22 million guaranteed. He's the highest paid defensive player ever. Check out SB Nation site Niners Nation for more.

Browns - Eric Steinbach, 7 years for $49.5 million. $17 million guaranteed. Dawgs By Nature has more.

Bills - Derrick Dockery 7 years for $49 million. $18.5 million guaranteed. Both of those are Steve Hutchinson contracts. Derrick Dockery is getting that kind of money?

Some guys we might be interested in below.

Cleveland hosted Antwaan Peek. The Broncos are scheduled to talk to Brad Johnson on March 3. Kris Dielman visited the Seahawks. The Jets released Patrick Ramsey.

And of course, there's the crazy story of the day, Jake Plummer threatening to retire instead of going to the Tampa Bay Bucs. Plummer isn't retiring, he's trying to control his own destiny and he wants a shot at starting for another franchise. You can read more at Mile High Report or Buc'em.

Hat tip to Junit3123, Longhorn and lee3022 for posting diaries on some of these moves today.

The Boston Herald posted this recently:

According to a league source with knowledge of the negotiations, the Patriots are about to make the splash of free agency by agreeing to a contract with Ravens linebacker Adalius Thomas, considered one of the top players on the market.

"Thomas is done there," said the source, a rival executive.

I shed a little tear when I read that.

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