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Opinions vary on Ken Hamlin

Free safety Ken Hamlin must be like a box of chocolates, you never know what you'll get. Here's Clarence Hill on Hamlin:

Considered a strong cover safety, Hamlin would provide an upgrade over last season's free safety twosome of Patrick Watkins and Keith Davis.

With the Cowboys hoping to use Williams closer to the line of scrimmage, they want a free safety who can be more of a center fielder. Hamlin said he fits the profile.

One vote for a strong cover safety that would free up Roy to play near the line of scrimmage. But wait, Mickey Spags says not so fast my friend:
While Hamlin did start at free safety, it's doubtful he will be considered one of those centerfield-type safeties. He is known as a hard hitter, and would seem to be more of a Roy Williams type than a safety that can be left in a lot of single-high coverages the majority of the time.

Hmm... let's go to Todd Archer for the tie-breaker:

Hamlin, who also met with coach Wade Phillips and some assistants, said he could fill a centerfield-type role next to Roy Williams.

"I think it definitely would let Roy do his thing, being more of a playmaker," Hamlin said. "I wouldn't mind filling that void."

Archer plays it neutral, allowing Hamlin to speak for himself. There you have it, one yes, one no, and one abstention.

For the record, I would be thrilled if we signed Hamlin at a reasonable price. I believe he would do just fine at free safety. My guess is the Cowboys think he could be a cover deep free safety or why else would they even be talking to him? All the articles indicate that negotiations will start tomorrow.

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