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Cowboys sign WR

The Cowboys signed Jamel Richardson who worked out for the team this past Tuesday.

Wide receiver Jamel Richardson has agreed to a deal with the Cowboys, according to ProStar Sports Agency. Richardson, who spent four years playing for Saskatchewan in the CFL, worked out for the Cowboys on Tuesday. In 39 games, he had 113 catches for 1,471 yards and four touchdowns.

Want to know more about Jamel? He has his own site, here.

The Dallas Observer has an article about Jason Garrett. Here's the most interesting part of the article:

Garrett says he won't temper Romo's creative scrambling or significantly change the offensive scheme. He will, however, start with a clean T.O. reboot when they meet for the first time later this month during the team's off-season weight program.

"When I was here I saw guys get labels they didn't deserve," Garrett says. "So I'm going to reserve judgment until I see for myself. He's a productive player who works hard in the weight room and the practice field. I'm starting from there."


"[Owens will] absolutely have input," Garrett says. "This is a players' game. My goal is to get the ball into my best players' hands as much as possible, and he's certainly one of my best players. But it's got to be a team effort. I've learned to be a truly great team the sum must be greater than the whole of the parts. I've got to be instrumental in making one plus one equal three."

Good luck on that, Red.

Tragic news for Aaron Glenn's extended family. His niece was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. Stories like this make you wonder about the humanity of people.

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