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Cowboys working hard to sign Ken Hamlin

The Cowboys are working overtime to get safety Ken Hamlin signed.

And on Thursday the club began negotiations with veteran free safety Ken Hamlin, and was planning to extend talks into the night in an effort to get him under contract following his Wednesday visit.

Jamel Richardson, the CFL WR we just signed, was apparently being courted by quite a few teams.

His agent told Sun Media there were 11 NFL teams interested in signing Richardson, and after visiting the Cowboys he was scheduled to visit with Indianapolis.

Not anymore, he'll be hanging at the Ranch.

I love Mickey Spags. It's always so easy to see whether he likes a player or not. And it's been pretty obvious the past few days he doesn't want the Cowboys to sign Ken Hamlin. So he's enlisted Darren Woodson in his cause. After writing a long, glowing review of Woodson as a safety, which is well-deserved because Woody was the bomb in Dallas, he drops this baby on us at the end of the article.

As far as Woodson is concerned, Hamlin is just a bigger Keith Davis, a guy who can give you what you want playing in the box against the run but with limited coverage skills. Certainly not a guy who can jump into the slot in coverage nor be left in a whole lot of single-safety high coverage while Williams prowls around underneath.

For Woodson's money, Watkins is the guy.

"He has more upside than any safety out there," Woodson said. "They just need to give him time. He was a rookie, and he made some rookie mistakes."

I almost got the feeling he wrote that whole article just so he could write that piece at the end. It's almost like Mick talked to Woody, asked his opinion on Hamlin, and when Woody agreed he went and wrote the article so he could use his opinion.

I happen to disagree with Woody - and Mick - on this one, as do many other knowledgeable football observers, but I do agree that Pat Watkins has huge potential. I'm just not ready to go through another season depending on that potential without a backup plan. For me, Plan A is sign Hamlin - at a reasonable price, of course. Plan B, if we can't sign Hamlin, would be to draft a FS in the early rounds.

OK Terry, you can write your obligatory "I told you so" comment about Hamlin not being a FS now. But don't fret Hamlin supporters, there's plenty of evidence out there that supports Hamlin as being a very competent cover safety.

Todd Archer is thinking about WR's.

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