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Cowboys sign Ken Hamlin

ESPN News reports the Cowboys have signed safety Ken Hamlin. No details reported yet. I will update as I get more information.

Update [2007-3-23 16:18:25 by Grizz]: From Adam Schefter:

The Dallas Cowboys have reached agreement with free-agent safety Ken Hamlin on a one-year, $2.5 million deal. Hamlin also had visited the Saints, but he spent the past few days trying to finalize the deal with the Cowboys. Now Hamlin and Roy Williams will form one of the most formidable safety tandems in the league.
Now that's a strange deal. I thought the money would be around $3 million a year, so that's right in line. But one year? I find it strange Hamlin agreed to that. Good for Dallas though, provides tons of flexibility and it's a cheap deal.

I'll give Hamlin credit for one thing; he sure has a lot of confidence in his abilities. He's betting he's good enough that after this year he will be able to capitalize in next year's free agency market. Otherwise, I would've thought he would hold out for a multi-year deal. He must not have been able to get anything close to what he wanted on the free agent market, so he’s betting on his ability to jack-up his worth with a good year in Big D.

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