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Irvin picks Jerry Jones to present him at HoF

Nice. Michael Irvin could've picked one of the other Triplets to present him at the Hall of Fame, but that's like having to pick one brother to be the best man at your wedding over your other brother. So Irvin went to Daddy instead and chose Jerry Jones.

Michael Irvin and his wife Sandi drove to Valley Ranch earlier this week to ask "a special favor" of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

"Would you..." an emotional Irvin stammered, "could you ... be my Hall of Fame presenter?"

For a moment, Jones was speechless.

"I was taken aback," Jones said Thursday. "When I could get the words out, I finally told him, 'I would be honored.' "

Some people thought it might be his pastor, or maybe even Jimmy Johnson, but Irvin and his wife said they only had one name in mind, Jerry Jones. Do yourself a favor and go read the whole article.

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