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Parcells declines offer to do MNF

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First, the good news. Joe Theismann is out as a commentator on Monday Night Football. This may be the best non-Cowboys related news I've heard all offseason. For my money, listening to Theismann on MNF was even more tortuous than listening to Michael Bolton songs on perpetual replay while being given a root canal. The only thing that saved me while watching MNF was the mute button. I would spend hours trying to get the Spanish-language broadcast button to work, but I could never figure it out. And it has nothing to do with him being a former Redskin. The guy just stinks.

Here's the report from USA Today:

In response to a report that ESPN will drop Joe Theismann from its Monday Night Football, ESPN's Mike Soltys said Sunday that "we have nothing to announce."

But an industry official with direct knowledge of the move says Theismann, who last year worked with play-by-play announcer Mike Tirico and rookie game analyst Tony Kornheiser, won't be back on MNF.

Thank goodness, someone finally came to their senses. Who might be his replacement?
If ESPN wants to take a chance, it could pair Kornheiser with Bill Parcells or Emmitt Smith, recently signed as studio analysts -- each would bring star power to the MNF booth.

Not Emmitt, I love the guy, but he's a rookie in the announcing game and was never the greatest speaker. He probably has a ways to go before he'd be ready for something like that. But Parcells? Now that would be a godsend. After spending the last couple of years listening to every one of his press conferences, it's clear that few people possess the ability to mix football knowledge with a sense of humor and a clever turn of a phrase. I could see a column devoted every Tuesday morning to deciphering the language of the Tuna. I consider myself one of the foremost experts on Tuna Speak. But alas, it's not to be.

The Tuna was hanging with the Detroit Tigers for spring training and told one of their players he turned it down.

When asked if he had inquired of Parcells' future, Robertson said: "I did ask. He said he's not a sit-around kind of guy. He was asked to do 'Monday Night Football', but he's not going to -- although maybe he should tell you that. He's going to do something with ESPN once a week."

Too bad, he would've been perfect. Word is that Ron Jaworski might get the gig, which I am more than happy to see. If you've watched Jaworski breakdown film on NFL Match-Up or heard him to the MNF game last year that was part of the double-header, you know the guy has unparalleled knowledge of the game and he is entertaining.

Here's an interesting article about Jamel Richardson, the WR we recently signed. They had to delay his workout so Jerry Jones could personally attend. Then, the Cowboys tried to sign him immediately.

Within minutes of emerging from the showers after the workout, the Cowboys extended a three-year free agent contract to Richardson.

Before Richardson could say yes, his agent asked for a delay.

On Wednesday, Richardson traveled to Indianapolis for a tryout with the Super Bowl Champions. The Colts offered him a free agent contract.

Richardson and his agent settled upon the Cowboys.

Guess the guy really did have some teams interested in him and it wasn't just "agent speak" trying to drum up interest. It's a good article, it talks about his recent workout regimen coming back from injury and how he got his 40-time down to 4.53. Not bad for a guy his size. And he claims he caught every single ball thrown to him at his recent workout with the Cowboys. He says he's competing for the 4th WR spot behind TNT and Patrick Crayton.

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