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Peter King: Cowboys-Giants for first Sunday night game of season

Peter King says the Cowboys will be involved in the first Sunday night game of the season.

Giants-Cowboys, Sept. 9, Sunday night, with the league counting on Romo Appeal and the buzz around the Eli Manning referendum to put a big Week 1 rating on the board.

This article is conveniently timed, considering I am working on the next installment of my Cowboys roster evaluation about the offensive guards. Cory Procter is the subject of the article, and he says that after Marco Rivera got hurt in the Seattle playoff game, he would've started the next week if Dallas had won the game.

"We dressed seven (offensive linemen) all last year and got away with it," Procter said. "If we would've won against Seattle, I would've started the next game at Chicago. That's some game to get your first real snaps in."

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