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Irvin info for HoF, plus other notes

If you're interested in attending Michael Irvin's induction ceremony the DMN blog has the information.

Tickets for the induction of Dallas Cowboys great Michael Irvin will go on sale on Wednesday, April 4, 2007 at 11:00 AM ET. Tickets may be purchased online by visiting the Hall's website at or by calling 1-800-913-9788.


The cost per ticket for seats on the floor is $52.00 and sideline stadium seats are available for $26.00 per ticket.

Since cornerback is a hot prospect for our 1st-round pick, check out Vic Carruci's top five.

Rick Gosselin covers the Cowboys pitch for the Super bowl, here.

No surprise, but Tony Romo has lost his grip on the holder position for kicks. Who might replace him?

The best bet is new backup quarterback Brad Johnson, an experienced holder.

The NFL passed a new rule about spiking the ball on non-TD plays, but you can still spin the ball. Wade Phillips spins the rule for his players.

How will coaches advise players on the new rule?

"Spin it," new Dallas Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said with a smile.

The DMN blog lays out our picks for the upcoming draft.

First - 22nd overall
Second - 53rd overall
Third - 87th overall
Fourth - 122nd overall
Fifth - 159th overall
Sixth - 195th overall
Sixth - 200th overall (from the Jets for Hunter)
Seventh - 212th overall (from the Jets for TE Sean Ryan)
Seventh - 234th overall
Seventh - 237th overall (from the Saints for LB Scott Shanle)

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