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Yeah! Someone mentions the fullback as a need! My pet peeve project gets a little play from Todd Archer.

Fullback: With Jason Garrett running the offense, look for the fullback to be a part of the offense again. When Garrett was with the Cowboys, he got to watch Daryl Johnston play. Oliver Hoyte converted from linebacker to fullback last year and did a decent job, but he's not much of a threat in the passing game. One problem: The classic fullback is not exactly in vogue in college. The best available in this year's draft, Rutgers' Brian Leonard, is not seen as a knock-your-head off lead blocker.

Thank goodness for Nick Eatman. Check out this very interesting article about individual workout plans in the weight room. Pat Watkins has the best plan of all, his job is to eat. And it's other player's job to take him out and make sure he eats. It's a tough life.

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