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The mysterious Marc Colombo

The DFW S-T, this morning, on Marc Colombo.

[Marc] Colombo visited Denver on Friday.

The Denver Post, this morning reporting on every fee agent that visited the Broncos Friday.

[Patrick] Kerney visited Denver on Friday along with former CU tight end Daniel Graham, running back Ahman Green and guard Montrae Holland.


In addition to looking at Holland, who played last season in New Orleans, Denver is said to have interest in Dallas tackle Marc Colombo.

You wouldn't use the term "is said to have interest" if the guy had visited with the team. You'd say they met with him. Nowhere in the article do they say that the Broncos met with Marc Colombo. My guess is that Colombo was not in Denver on Friday.

Consider this an open thread for free agent news, speculation, wild guesses or just general observations.

Here's my theory that I posted last night. The Cowboys knew how much money Marc Colombo wanted going into free agency, and weren't sure they wanted to pay that much for a guy with only one good year under his belt. So they decided to look around at some free agents, found that the number Colombo wanted wasn't so crazy after all, and are going back to work with his agent to get him signed. But now, Colombo knows the market and what he can get out of the Cowboys, and he's pushing for top dollar.

How's that for a wild guess? What's you're free agent speculation?

Update [2007-3-3 11:22:28 by Grizz]: Just found this bit in a Seattle Times article.

Kansas City and Dallas have expressed interest in having S Jordan Babineaux visit them. Babineaux is a restricted free agent, and if he signed an offer sheet with another team the Seahawks would have the choice of matching the contract and keeping Babineaux or receiving a second-round pick as compensation.

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