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Tony Dorsett on JJ and MB3

I liked Tony Dorsett on this podcast of 103.3 radio's Galloway & Company show. He said some interesting things and was pretty candid. He should get his own show. Anyway, he talked about JJ and MB3 at the running back position. He agreed with the hosts that JJ will be a better runner without Parcells because JJ was so paranoid about fumbling that it changed the way he runs. Dorsett said he's always covering up the ball instead of just carrying out there in one hand and this keeps him from being fluid. He was so worried about the fumbling the ball that he sacrificed his ability to make people miss. Sounds like a very easy solution - almost too easy - to a hard to decipher problem. But if that turns out to be true, maybe we'll see the JJ from his rookie year.

Tony D. also weighed in on MB3. He said the reason MB3 might not be an every down back is because his running style is such that he takes a lot of hits, and that over a 16-game schedule you're looking at an injury. That's a reasonable explanation, but if he's getting the job done, I would still run him out there and see what he can do. I'm not talking about wearing him out, but there have been plenty of backs who ran with a style that took a lot of hits and still had good careers. Nothing's guaranteed in this league, you could get hurt at any time, on any play. This is the NFL, injuries happen. If a guy has talent, use it.

They should still rotate the carries this year, but I want to see JJ get back to his rookie year form and quit running into piles. If Tony D. has the secret, then so be it, it sounds like an easy fix. And I want to give MB3 a fair chance at playing time and not categorically label him as the 3rd-down back. If he's playing better, he should be allowed to really show what he's capable of. At least we'd know the answer to how much he can handle from playing time, instead of guessing about it with theories.

Hat tip to ChocolateLab who posted the link at the Zone.

Another proponent of the best player available theory contradicts the best player available theory in his own article.

Again, take the best player available.

Within reason, of course. For instance, Jones has said the Cowboys might be interested in taking a quarterback in the later rounds, but spending a first-round pick there is highly unlikely...

Look, I know this is petty, but saying the best player available is really just a shorthand for saying: the best player available in a certain range of positions that we feel we may have a need at either now or down the road but excludes a few positions where it just doesn't makes sense for us to take a player who plays one of those positions. I guess that's why they use the shorthand.

Rick Gosselin has his top five prospects at each position up. You should familiarize yourself with Gosselin's work, because he is very good at predicting the draft.

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