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Roy Williams takes on the critics

Roy Williams knows what his critics are saying about him. He's heard all about how he can't cover. So when Newy Scruggs caught up with him, he took the opportunity to defend himself.

On new coach Wade Phillips' plan to turn him loose near the line of scrimmage:

"Honestly, it's been a long time coming," he said. "I haven't been having too much fun. I feel like the last three or four years have been frustrating."

On his reported inability to cover:

"I know a lot of people say I don't cover... I don't do this, I don't do that," Williams said. "They don't understand the scheme of our defense. When it looks like I'm getting 'burned,' that's not my job to take that player."

On signing Ken Hamlin:

"Last year you didn't ever know who the safety was going to be," Williams said. "Now we have a free safety. Wade Phillips made it clear that we're going to try to get me more involved... that put a smile on my face."

Roy has the right to defend himself, and he may be right in some cases, but he sure is passing the blame around. I guess we'll see this year, just like with a lot of the Cowboys on defense.

If you like the WR position in the first round for the Cowboys, this article is for you.

But tucked in the bottom is another QB note, about a player the Cowboys have shown interest in.

[The Cowboys have] shown an interest in quarterback Toby Korrodi, a Harlandale graduate and former Central Missouri standout. At 6-3, 235 pounds, he has prototypical NFL quarterback size and arm strength.

He's a late second day pick or an UDFA candidate.

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