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Cowboys finalizing deal with Leonard Davis

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From ESPN:

The Dallas Cowboys are finalizing an agreement with free agent offensive lineman Leonard Davis, the second pick in the 2001 NFL draft who has played the last six seasons for the Arizona Cardinals.

Davis, 6-feet-6, 366 pounds, is expected to play either right tackle or right guard for the Cowboys, depending on the resolution of contract talks with current Cowboys right tackle Marc Columbo, an unrestricted free agent the Cowboys hope to re-sign.

Davis' contract is expected to exceed the free agent deals of Bills guard Derrick Dockery (7 years, $49 million) and Browns guard Eric Steinbach (7 years, $49.5 million).

A deal in the Steinabch and Dockery range? Yikes, that's too much for a player of Davis' production. That would be paying on size and draft position instead of actual on the field production. I'll have to wait until the numbers actually come in to make a full analysis, but if you were going to pay that kind of money - why not just sign Steinbach or Dielman? Let's just hope this doesn't preclude the Cowboys from signing Marc Colombo, and let's really hope that Davis is going to play guard and not tackle.

Hat tip to jthig32 for posting the news in a diary.