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Jets eyeing Marc Colombo?

Found this in a New Jersey paper.

Right tackle is high on the Jets' list of priorities as well, and Marc Colombo (Cowboys) is reportedly among the players on the Jets' short list.

Found this in a Baltimore paper, but it's already out-of-date as Jon Stinchcomb has signed.

The Ravens could explore a thin free-agent market, but they might have to overpay for veterans such as Marc Colombo, Jon Stinchcomb or Todd Steussie.

So far, I can only find mentions of two teams besides us with interest in Colombo - interest being a relative term in free agency - the Broncos and the Jets. The Ravens mention just sounds like a list of tackles, not specifically Marc Colombo.

Leonard Davis didn't sign with the Redskins and is going home to Texas to think about his decision.

Davis, 28, who said he would go home to Texas to decide between the Redskins and Cowboys -- he visited Dallas Friday -- met with Redskins coaches and was impressed by the team's operation. In the wake of guard Derrick Dockery's record $49 million contract with Buffalo, Davis said the Redskins have talked to him about playing left guard; Dallas has asked him to play either right guard or right tackle.

John Clayton thought he would sign with Snyder.

So much for Daniel Snyder not being a big player in free agency. The Redskins signed middle linebacker London Fletcher-Baker and cornerback Fred Smoot to five-year deals. They are talking to cornerback Travis Fisher. Offensive lineman Leonard Davis is deciding between the Cowboys and Redskins. Davis pulled an interesting move. He asked Jerry Jones for a massive amount of guarantees in his contract. When he didn't get them, he left for Snyder's private plane and a trip to Washington. Don't you get the feeling he's going to end up with the Redskins?

Antwan Peek is no longer available.

The Cleveland Browns announced the signing of free agent LB Antwan Peek (Texans) to a three-year contract.

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