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Brad Johnson at Valley Ranch

The report is that Brad Johnson is indeed visiting Valley Ranch today and he doesn't have any other visits scheduled, so he will probably decide very soon between the Cowboys and the Broncos.

KFFL has this note posted:

Cowboys | Team could meet with W. James
John Murphy, of Yahoo! Sports, reports the Dallas Cowboys have shown interest in possibly meeting or speaking with free agent CB William James (Eagles) by the end of the week.

By the way, William James is the former Will Peterson who used to play with the New York Giants.

The reviews are coming in on the Leonard Davis signing, and they aren't pretty. Besides Len Pasquarelli blasting the signing on the Mike & Mike show, others have joined in the mockery.

FOX Sports Adam Schein:

1. Leonard Davis to Dallas - This is the worst move of the offseason thus far.  Signing the underachieving and underwhelming tackle to a 7-year, $49.6 million deal, with $18.75 million in guaranteed money, is beyond comprehension.  Honestly - did he do anything in Arizona?  And when new coaches, offensive line guru Russ Grimm and head coach Ken Whisenhunt, study the film and don't make you an offer to stay in Arizona, where they are desperate to talent upgrades on the line, well, that tells you everything about everything.

Peter King puts it more succinctly:

Sunday, Leonard Davis (you'll be sorry, Jerry) skipped from Arizona to Dallas for $49.6 million over seven.

Don Banks is more charitable:

Maybe we can blame the imprint of failure that the Cardinals left on him since taking him second overall in the 2001 draft, but that's a pretty hefty payday the Cowboys just gave offensive tackle Leonard Davis, a guy who never remotely played up to his billing in Arizona.

Dallas needs both a right tackle and a right guard, and Davis has played both positions, without much distinction. But six years of underachievement in Arizona got him a seven-year deal worth a reported $49.6 million (see earlier Nate Clements' note), with the important part being the $18.75 million of guaranteed money in the deal.

It just goes to show, when you're 6-foot-6, 366 pounds, and you just report to work almost every day, good things can happen.

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