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Romo working hard in the offseason

Good stuff in the DFW S-T. With all our attention turned to free agency over the last week, we're forgetting there is a whole roster of guys already on the team. One, Tony Romo, is getting his homework done.

Romo is working extensively with the new offensive coaching staff led by coordinator Jason Garrett. While much of the offense will remain in place from a year ago, Garrett is implementing his new wrinkles and terminology.

"We've got a new offense in some ways and I've got to get some of the things down," said Romo, who led an offense that finished fifth in the NFL last season. "It's a big off-season for us and I'm taking it very serious and I'll be ready to go."

Poor Romo. No guy is more excited about starting a new season than Romo. He's had to spend the last couple of months watching ESPN replay that danged dropped snap over and over. He's ready to get rid of that memory and give Dallas fans and the NFL fan in general a different highlight to remember him by. Go to it, kid. We can't wait either.

Greg Ellis is getting back into the swing of things.

Cowboys outside linebacker Greg Ellis did some light running for the first time Monday since recovering from a torn Achilles' tendon.

Ellis, who suffered the injury Nov. 12 last year against Arizona, said his rehabilitation is on schedule. Ellis is expected to play the same position in Wade Phillips' defense as Pro Bowler Shawne Merriman, who had 17 sacks last year.

"One of the first things that Wade said when I met him he said, 'Greg, I noticed they weren't rushing you enough,"' Ellis said. "Maybe this is one of the years I get to cut loose and go."

Ellis, 31, said he is not concerned about being hindered by the injury next season.

"It's feeling really good," Ellis said. "I can go out and jog right now."

Attack! The Phillips 34 sounds like a high-risk, high-reward defense. It should be fun to watch.

Over at the CowboysZone AdamJT13 posted these cap numbers for Leonard Davis' contract. BTW, AdamJT13 is an absolute god of the salary cap and other contractual matters. I bow to him.

2007 -- $3.667 million
2008 -- $4.417 million
2009 -- $7.917 million
2010 -- $7.667 million
2011 -- $8.667 million
2012 -- $9.667 million
2013 -- $7.600 million

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