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Cowboys free agency status

It looks like we are in a small lull here as the all the big major deals have been completed. Teams are now looking at what's left, what they have left and then we'll get some more signings. After that, it will be a trickle as the offseason moves on. So, let's take a look at what we've done so far with our own UFA's and RFA's, and players we've added.

NOTE: I think this is all correct. If I've missed something or have reported something wrong, then let me know in the comments and I will make updates.

Free agents added:

RG/RT Leonard Davis - This moved has been talked to death, but we gave him big money to either play guard or tackle.
QB Brad Johnson - Replaces Drew Bledsoe as Tony Romo's primary backup. He's old, but he's reliable.

Current free agents:

Unrestricted Free Agents

RT Marc Colombo - Still waiting on the big guy. As of this point, he hasn't visited anywhere and the Cowboys haven't made headway on a new contract. Curious situation.
C Andre Gurode - Signed a new deal right before free agency, it looks like we got him cheap - relatively speaking.
K Martin Gramatica - Signed to a two-year deal.
S Tony Parrish - No news is bad news for Parrish. He's gone
LB Al Singleton  - Same for Singleton, likely gone.
DE Kenyon Coleman - Supposedly close to signing with the Jets.
C Al Johnson - Just signed with the Cardinals.

Restricted Free Agents

Mat McBriar - The Aussie with the huge leg signed a new contract.
Patrick Crayton - Supposedly tendered at $1.3 million, the Cowboys would receive a 2nd-round compensation pick if he leaves.
Jacques Reeves - Tendered at $850,000, 7th-round compensation.
Nate Jones - Tendered at $850,000, 7th-round compensation.
Ryan Fowler - Tendered at $850,000, no compensation.
Lousaka Polite - No news of a tender, future in doubt.
Junior Glymph - Quietly signed a new one-year contract at $510,000.
Brett Pierce - No news of a tender, future in doubt.

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