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Don't call him a mentor!

Brad Johnson isn't causing trouble, but he's not down with the mentoring role.

On being a possible mentor to Tony Romo: "Tony knows football we already have a quarterback coach, he doesn't need another coach. My thing is to just work hard in practice and have a great relationship with Tony and hopefully he'll have the greatest year of his life this year and do great things."

Johnson said he's not a mentor to Romo saying, he's not here for his health. Johnson understands his role is the backup but said he'll be ready to play if necessary.

Mickey Spags has more on the feisty 39 year old QB, here.
He said, "I never agreed with that terminology (mentoring) . . . my role is to be ready at any moment."

Just because Johnson is an older, experienced QB who has vast knowledge of the game and he's been hired to back up a younger, less-experienced QB and just because he'll have lots of opportunity to pass on that knowledge in meetings, practices, and on the sideline during a game to help the younger QB further his craft and become a full-fledged franchise QB - that's not mentoring, dangit! So quit calling it that.

You can now return to your regularly scheduled Marc Colombo vigil. By the way, Mick and other sources say the Cowboys have offered Colombo a two year deal at around $7 million. Maybe a little cheap, especially with the short amount of years, but Colombo has only had one year in the trenches and his knee is always an issue. Still, if the Cowboys added another year, they could probably lock him up as the interest seems to be lukewarm around the NFL. My guess is other teams are still a little suspect of his injury history. But Jerry might be holding out, hoping to get him to sign a "value" contract for the Cowboys, betting that he doesn't have too many options.

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