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Stephen Jones on free safeties

Mickey Spags was asked about the Cowboys acquiring one of the big-name safety free agents. What's important in the answer is he tells us what Stephen Jones and the organization are thinking about free safety.

Mickey: That's still a possibility. But when asked Monday about going after one of the top free-agent safeties, Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said the Cowboys won't be paying a $10 million signing bonus for a free safety. He said the club still is high on the two young guys they have, Patrick Watkins and Abram Elam. He said if they picked up a veteran safety, it might be later in free agency when the prices come down.

I like what Jones is saying. I'm still of the opinion that Pat Watkins might be the starting free safety come next season and that he has the physical gifts to excel back there. But that doesn't preclude me from wanting a little competition. A veteran that isn't going to break the bank is exactly what I want them to sign.

I forgot to add, I'm still looking for a fullback. I haven't seen any offer to keep Lousaka Polite, and that leaves us with the inexperienced Oliver Hoyte as the only fullback on the roster. I see that Justin Griffith is visiting Green Bay because the Packers are supposedly going to cut William Henderson - how long has that guy been in the league? Griffith is intriguing to me, but the Cowboys could be waiting to draft one. Still, that's some real inexperience at the FB position, a position that I'm guessing Garrett will want to use more prominently than the Parcells 2-TE set we tried last year.

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