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Cowboys random articles

Not much happening on the free agency front for Dallas. It's a dead-time for the Cowboys, although the rest of the league is still moving along with some big signings and trades. But for now, the Cowboys appear content to wait it out, and try to sign some players at less inflated rates.

One free agency note, Terrence Holt, the former Detroit FS who visited Dallas yesterday is off the market. The Cardinals got him. MysterD has the details in this diary.

If you want to follow the Ron Springs' kidney transplant story, the DMN has an article about Mavs coach Avery Johnson visiting him in the hospital. And news just recently that Springs has left the hospital. It really is a great story, kudos to Everson Walls.

Akin Ayodele also gets the spotlight in this article about his best friend that was killed in a car wreck 10 years ago and Ayodele's commitment to his friend's mother.

And finally, from the heroic to the comical - is the Tony Romo/Carrie Underwood romance back on? Who cares, right? But there's nothing much to discuss at the moment, so I decided to pass on this article.

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