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Want to be in a book about the Cowboys?

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Jeff Pearlman is a sports journalist who has written two books, one about Barry Bonds and one about the '86 Mets. Both books were very well-received. Now he's turning his attention to football and our beloved Dallas Cowboys. In particular, he's going to chronicle the rise and fall of the Cowboys 2nd Dynasty. As we all know, while the 2nd Dynasty Cowboys absolutely owned the rest of the league on the field, they owned the record for controversy off the field. That's fertile ground for a juicy book.

He's asking for Cowboys fans to get involved with the book. He sent me the following email soliciting the input of BTB readers. So, if you have a story to tell about the Cowboys 2nd Dynasty, send Mr. Pearlman an email. You may end up with your name in print.

-- Begin email --

My name is Jeff Pearlman. I'm a former Sports Illustrated senior writer and the author of two books. I'm currently working on my latest book, a biography of the Dallas Cowboys of the 1990s (covering 1989-97).

I've never done this before with past books, but I would like to get Cowboy fans involved. If there's anyone out there who has any unique memories/experiences/stories regarding/involving the Cowboys of the '90s, and you'd like to share them, please drop me an e-mail at

Thank you very much.

-- Jeff

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