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More on Ellis' recovery

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Another article on the recovery of Greg Ellis. Ellis is doing some jogging and even doing squats, so his rehab seems to be on track. His status is key for the Cowboys, and something they will be keeping a close eye on right up to the draft. With Ellis back, the Cowboys have two edge-players that can create pressure, and should be able to create more of it under Phillips' aggressive style. It also gives them a deeper bench for rotations and in case of injury.

Linebackers Bobby Carpenter and Kevin Burnett should also be fired up. The Cowboys' belief that those youngsters will flourish while playing in Phillips' up-tempo 3-4 scheme is one of the reasons the team hasn't pursued a pressure player in free agency.

After a slow start, Carpenter showed promise late last season while filling in for Ellis. Burnett was in Bill Parcells' doghouse for much of the season but will get a fresh start under Phillips.

But it's Ellis who could help the defense the most. He led the team in sacks in five of the last six seasons and is a high-character player who hates to lose.

If Ellis can recover, then the Cowboys can go with what they got and still feel relatively confident about their chances. Or they could choose to add a pressure player somewhere in the draft if one's available that offers excellent value.

Ryan Fowler's agent makes it known he wants his client to go somewhere else.

Here's what he said after Fowler's recent visit with the Titans.

"He had a very positive meeting and a very positive experience," Herman said. "I would think that they are interested in signing him (to an offer sheet). ... It's obviously a better situation than Dallas."

"The opportunity for him to be a starter in Dallas doesn't exist," Herman said. "They have a starter, that's why Dallas didn't tender him at a higher number. Therefore, can they afford to keep Ryan, who will be treated (contractually) as a potential starter? The answer to that is probably not."

Sounds like Tennessee might give him a shot at a starter's spot.

"He's been a very productive special teams player and backup player that's looking for an opportunity to be a starting linebacker," Fisher said of Fowler. "If it works out, we're going to try to create competition at a number of different positions, and Ryan's got the experience to start. I could see great competition at that spot."

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