It All Starts Up Front

With the signing of Leonard Davis at the beginning of the week and the re-signing of Marc Colombo going into the weekend, the Cowboys' offensive line appears to be set... on paper.

If we take a closer look at the physical dimensions of each of the blockers expected to start this season, you'll see that there's a lot of cattle up front.


RT - Marc Colombo (6-8, 320 lbs)
RG - Leonard Davis (6-6, 366 lbs)
C - Andre Gurode (6-4, 312 lbs)
LG - Kyle Kosier (6-5, 305 lbs)
LT - Flozell Adams (6-7, 340 lbs)

That's an avg height of 6-6 and an avg weight of 329 lbs!  Talk about some beef!!!

I remember watching an old Chuck Noll interview where he said that you begin building a team at both sides of the line of scrimmage.

By bringing in an experienced HC known for his aggressive/pressure-filled/attacking style of defense followed up with the shoring up of our offensive line... makes for a great start to improving on last year's 9-7 squad.

I'd love to see a power rushing attack balanced with some play-action/down-the-field passing and time-of-possession eating offense.

Blend that with the Phillips 34 defensive scheme, and suddenly, we've got a chance to be successful in this 2007-2008 season.

And the draft hasn't even begun yet (with Jerry now in charge, say your prayers/cross your fingers/hold your breath/knock on wood... and hope like he__ that he listens to Jeff Ireland and Wade Phillips)!

I'd like to propose a toast right now (visualize the holding up of your favorite beverage -- alcoholic or non-alcoholic: bottle, can, or glass)...

Here's to:

  • the drafting of playmakers
  • the starters/key players staying relatively injury-free
  • our big-mouthed #81 remaining somewhat tame
  • MR Carrie Underwood acting like every opponent is Tampa Bay on Thanksgiving Day
  • the two-headed tandem gaining over 1,000 yds each AND combining for nearly 20 TDs AND surprisingly receiving more passes
  • the defense thinking they're the Bolts "D" of 2006 and wreaking havoc just the same
  • the special teams exploding and excecuting... adding on to the new ST coach's previously stellar resume
  • and the coaches managing the game effectively
Bottoms up... I'll drink to that!


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.