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Dat is back; the Tuna is gone

This is taking a little getting used to. has a lengthy article on Dat Nguyen with tons of quotes. It doesn't take any getting used to Dat being back, but lengthy, on-the-record interviews with our assistant coaches will take some getting used to. The Cones of Silence have been broken.

Speaking of the Cones of Silence, you have to read Mickey Spags article on Bill Parcells. It reads like Mick dumped all the notes he had kept on Parcells during his stay in Dallas into one big, fat, Tuna exposé.

Todd Archer points out the Cowboys got some of their big-names under contract last year, before the 2007 Gold Rush otherwise known as free agency.

To keep them off the market, they gave [Jason] Witten $12 million guaranteed, [Roy] Williams $11.1 million to sign and [Bradie] James $8 million. Immediately after the season, there was a thought that Williams and James would not have received such deals based on how they finished the 2006 season.

With the way teams have thrown around bonuses and guaranteed money so far, they most likely would have gotten more.

Archer also takes a look ahead at next year's potential Dallas free agents in the article.

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