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Stadium news; Irvin in trouble; Jerry Jones writes letters

All the local press got a chance to visit Jerry Jones’ new playhouse, otherwise known as the new stadium. From

The running clock inside the headquarters of the Cowboys stadium project read 844 days on Monday afternoon. That's the digital countdown, displaying how much longer until the new stadium is expected to open in August of 2009.

While the clock is a simple reminder, it is constant, and never stops.

You can read the DMN version here, or the DFW S-T version, here.

Please, Michael Irvin, tell me this isn’t true.

Former Dallas Cowboy Michael Irvin is facing accusations he assaulted a disabled contractor who was hired to install a fountain at his Plano home.

Shawn Vandergrift filed a lawsuit Monday against Mr. Irvin in Denton County, claiming that the former player yelled at him and grabbed him during a December dispute over a final payment for the construction work.

Once again, Jerry Jones proves why so many people like him and are loyal to him. One of his biggest, and loudest detractors, Dale Hansen, spoke on the radio about his own father recently having a heart attack. And what did Jerry do?

Jones had happened to be listening to the radio when Dale was talking about his dad's heart attack 10 days ago. Hansen was trying to explain how he felt about his dad, their relationship, and how scared he is of losing him.

Jones, having lost his own father some years ago, could relate.

"It struck a chord," Jerry told me Monday. "There's certainly a special place there. Just in my little way, I wanted to kind of give his dad a pat on the back."

So Jones immediately dictated the letter. If you think the heart attack stunned Mervin, you should have seen his face when that letter arrived from Jerry Jones.


"Dad had been so depressed," Hansen said. "He's lonely on the one hand, and now they've told him he can't drive for six months. He can't stand losing his independence. I was afraid it might kill him.

"And then that letter came, and it's completely changed his attitude. Now he's laughing again, joking again and talking to everybody in town about this letter he got from Jerry Jones. My sister said he's done a 180."

Again, say what you want about Jerry Jones as a GM, and Dale Hansen has done plenty of that. But Jerry Jones, the person and the owner, is someone who always seems to care about those people around him.

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