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ESPN: Drew Bledsoe to retire from NFL

ESPN News reports that Drew Bledsoe will retire from football. I’ve gotten nothing bad to say about Bledsoe, he gave it everything he had, but his costly turnovers just continued to doom him. Maybe I should’ve listen to those guys in New England and Buffalo who said he’ll tease you with good play, but in the end he’ll break your heart when you need the clutch play. I was one of his final backers, but even I could see the light when he threw that interception before halftime in the Giants game. He was a stand up guy, and never blamed his line or his receivers or the defense, when there were times he could. But he never seemed to connect with his teammates the way Tony Romo already has.

Anyway, good luck to Drew.

Ted Ginn, Jr. worked out today, and he didn’t put to bed my fears about him at the NFL level. I know he’s got world-class speed, and that can’t be dismissed. Even somewhat injured, he put up some decent 40 times – decent for him – fast for most players.

Ginn, who was unable to work out at the NFL combine sessions at Indianapolis in February, and, thus, was viewed as a bit of a wild card in the first round, ran the 40 three times during Wednesday's campus audition. According to scouts present at the workout, Ginn's times were between 4.37-4.45 seconds.

As for his workout, here’s how the same article briefly described it.

Scouts said Ginn caught the ball well and demonstrated a fluid running style but that, with his foot still not 100 percent, he was not as explosive in and out of his cuts as they project him to be when he is fully recovered.

But Todd McShay was not as kind.

On the flipside, it doesn't take much time in the film room to recognize his weaknesses as a receiver, which includes inconsistent focus, poor route-running skills and a general lack of toughness. With that in mind, Wednesday's workout in Columbus could not have done much to sway scouts' opinions one way or the other. Still, it's safe to say Ginn was underwhelming.

I don’t know why, but drafting this guy just seems too risky. What do you guys think, am I crazy?

Here are a couple of articles looking at the Cowboys schedule. I’ll have more to say on the subject tomorrow.

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