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Acutal video out of Valley Ranch

It’s a new era in Big D. Actual video of the Cowboys lifting weights and stuff is available. Check out this vid over at, where they also talk to D-Ware, Roy and T-New. No more Cones of Silence imposed by the Tuna.

Nick Eatman is doing a roster evaluation too, his is just starting, he’s only done the QB and now the RB. I’m just finishing my roster evaluation and should have the CB review this weekend which should close it out, unless you guys want me to do the special teams, too.

Is Drew Bledsoe a Hall of Famer? That’s the question ESPN asked Eric Allen and Joe Theismann. My answer: Drew Bledsoe is a member of the Hall of Very Good. He needed a nice capper here in Dallas to make the HoF. That didn’t happen. Sure he’s got the stats, but except for the brief period in NE with Parcells, he never was a dominate QB. And his lack of play in the clutch works against him. Hall of Very Good.

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