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Goose says Bowe

Rick Gosselin’s first mock draft is up. And for everyone who likes Dwayne Bowe, the Goose is with ya.

22. Dallas Dwayne Bowe WR LSU With two starting wide receivers in their 30s, the Cowboys need a young player to build a future downfield passing game for Tony Romo. Bowe is a physical receiver in the Michael Irvin mold.

If Goose calls it, you have to at least pay attention. The trend in recent mock drafts is towards WR for the Cowboys. The other day, Todd McShay also went with Bowe for the Cowboys. Don Banks likes Ted Ginn, Jr., and FOX likes Dwayne Jarrett. While I’m not thrilled with Ginn or Jarrett, Bowe is someone that I could back at #22.

Goose also pens a love-letter to Calvin Johnson.

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