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Trading Julius Jones and Greg Ellis?

JJT is shaking up the Cowboys draft strategy with a couple of possible trades. No word yet if this is based in reality, or just the fevered imaginations of an overactive sports reporter’s mind.

DRAFT BUZZ: It's unlikely the team will move into the top 10--especially considering coach Wade Phillips doesn't want any rookie starters--but it may make a bold move by dealing RB Julius Jones, who could bring a second-round pick. The Cowboys think he wears down, and they are shifting to a power running game, which strays from Jones' strengths. OLB Greg Ellis also could be dealt, and Denver is a possible destination because Broncos coordinator Jim Bates is a former Dallas assistant.

Peter King has a pretty good article on the lack of sure-fire talent at the top of the draft. I guess 2006 was a good year not to suck. He also touches on the Bledsoe in the Hall question, and reaches the same conclusion everyone else has.

I think Drew Bledsoe belongs in the Hall of Very Good, not the Hall of Fame. He belongs in the Hall of Class too, because he exuded class everywhere he played. NFL writer Don Banks pointed the following out to me, and it's the perfect reason Bledsoe is not Canton-worthy: Has there ever been a Hall-of-Famer who gets beaten out three times for jobs while still healthy and able to play?


The DMN blog take an interesting look at some potential picks for Dallas. Along with three potential WR’s, they added in CB Chris Houston and showed how Houston matched-up with those receivers in game situations. Here are the stats of the WR’s when matched up against Houston – and the rest of the Arkansas secondary.

USC's Dwayne Jarrett -- five catches, 35 yards in a 50-14 USC win.
Tennessee's Robert Meachem -- four catches, 65 yards and a TD in a 31-14 Arkansas win.
LSU's Dwayne Bowe -- five catches, 68 yards in a 31-26 LSU win.

Now that’s interesting stuff. I had Houston and Aaron Ross lumped very close together, but now I am going to re-examine Houston and see if he deserves to be moved ahead of Ross in my rankings.

All you could ever want to know about safeties in this year’s draft.

Hat tip to Deke for providing a couple of these links.

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