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SB Nation mock draft: Round 2

Update [2007-4-17 14:44:17 by Grizz]: I selected WR Steve Smith from USC. I know from the comments not everyone agrees with this pick - in fact, most of you didn't - but I really felt like this was the best pick because Smith has been zooming up draft boards since his Pro Day workout. He wowed the scouts with his route-running and his hands, which a few have said were like glue, and over-shadowed fellow WR Dwayne Jarrett. He has a good body of work at USC. As I mentioned in the comments, "experts" like Mel Kiper and Todd McShay have him now in the first round or early second round. I found multiple rankings where Smith is considered a top-35 pick, so for us to get him at #53 represents great value. He got rid of one knock on him, speed, when he ran a 4.44 at the combine. He'll never get rid of the undersized knock, but everything else about him points to a successful WR in the NFL. Saying all that, it's now open-season to rip me in the comments. ;-) [END UPDATE]

Guess what? The Cowboys are on the clock for Round 2 of the SB Nation mock draft. As you may recall, in Round 1 I took CB Aaron Ross, who I thought combined the size, speed, and playmaking ability to be a quality CB in the NFL. He also can help us in the return game. Now, it's time for Round 2. And in my mind, there is a player who has very good value at this pick and fits a need for the Cowboys.

WR Steve Smith from USC.

He's been rising up the draft boards where some experts actually have him making the first round; most have him at least very early in the 2nd. He has superior hands, is a polished route-runner, and surprised everybody by running a 4.44 at the combine. Of course, he is undersized at 5' 11" and just under 200 lbs. But he has shown great production at USC and is a great value at pick #53.

Anybody have another suggestion for this pick? Hurry up, I’m on the clock. Here's a list of the 2nd round picks in the SB Nation mock draft. You can see the 1st round picks over Field Gulls.

1(33) Oakland Raiders -- Zach Miller, TE(ASU)
2(34) Detroit Lions -- Marcus McCauley, CB(Fresno St)
3(35) Tampa Bay Bucs -- Buster Davis, LB(Florida St)
4(36) Cleveland Browns -- Ryan Kalil, C(USC)
5(37) Chicago Bears -- Michael Griffin, S(Texas)
6(38) Arizona Cardinals -- Brandon Meriweather, S(Miami)
7(39) Atlanta Falcons -- Tony Ugoh, OL(Arkansas)
8(40) Miami Dolphins -- Arron Sears, OT(Tennessee)
9(41) Minnesota Vikings -- Anthony Gonzalez, WR(Ohio State)
10(42) San Francisco 49'ers -- Sidney Rice, WR(South Carolina)
11(43) Buffalo Bills -- Antonio Pittman, RB(Ohio State)
12(44) Atlanta Falcons -- Charles Johnson, DE(Georgia)
13(45) Carolina Panthers -- Brandon Siler, LB(Florida)
14(46) Pittsburgh Steelers -- Anthony Spencer, DE(Purdue)
15(47) Green Bay Packers -- Tanard Jackson, CB(Syracuse)
16(48) Jacksonville Jaguars -- Tim Crowder, DE(Texas)
17(49) Cincinnati Bengals -- Jon Beason, LB(Miami)
18(50) Tennessee Titans -- Josh Wilson, CB(Maryland)
19(51) New York Giants –- Eric Wright, CB(UNLV)
20(52) St. Louis Rams -- Craig Davis, WR(LSU)

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