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Seven round mock

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Todd McShay goes through the whole draft in his latest mock. His first round pick for Dallas is still the same.

Projected pick: Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU
The Cowboys would have to consider a cornerback such as Aaron Ross or offensive tackle Joe Staley, but Bowe is a better prospect at another position of need. The 6-foot-2, 222-pound wideout displays the size, agility and playmaking skills to develop into a quality starter at the next level. As a rookie in 2007, Bowe could serve as an excellent third option behind aging veterans Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn.

In the 2nd round he goes CB.

  1. Dallas -- Josh Wilson, CB, Maryland

So McShay took the reverse course but ended up with the same two positions in the first two rounds as I did. I went CB Aaron Ross and WR Steve Smith. McShay goes WR Dwayne Bowe and CB Josh Wilson.

Now, in the 3rd round, he makes a pick that only Deke could like.

  1. Dallas -- Mason Crosby, PK, Colorado

Seriously, I don’t get this pick. First, it’s in the 3rd round, I just can’t get over picking a kicker in the 3rd round. Second, why sign Gramatica back to a two-year deal only to turn around and draft a kicker. Just doesn’t make sense.

In the 4th, I like this pick.

  1. Dallas -- Samson Satele, C, Hawaii

I’ve been keeping an eye on Satele in hopes we can get him in the middle rounds to back up Andre Gurode.

Here are the rest of his picks

[Round 5] 159. Dallas -- Chase Johnson, OT, Wyoming
[Round 6] 195. Dallas -- Garrett Wolfe, WR, Northern Illinois

That one is for you, BurtD. We know you love some Garrett Wolfe!

[Round 6] 200. Dallas (from N.Y. Jets) -- Walter Thomas, NT, NW Mississippi JC 6b.
[Round 7] 212. Dallas (from Detroit through N.Y. Jets) -- Daren Stone, S, Maine
[Round 7] 234. Dallas -- Zach Diles, ILB, Kansas State
[Round 7] 237. Dallas (from New Orleans) -- +Antwan Applewhite, DE, San Diego State

The other day I promised to re-examine CB Chris Houston, as I picked Aaron Ross over him in the SB Nation mock draft. I found lots of varied opinions.

On the plus side, I found this from Don Banks at

Everybody has different things they look for when it comes to projecting pro talent, but give me the guy who has been challenged by and beaten the best of the best at the college level, because he won't be out-classed once he steps into the NFL. He's used to competing and thriving in the upper percentile of whatever playing field he's on, and he knows how to step up his game when his opponent demands it.

That's the key NFL-ready element I see in Houston's scouting report. With the Razorbacks, he faced most of the receivers who are expected to go in this year's first or second rounds, and he won the majority of those individual battles against the likes of USC's Dwayne Jarrett, Tennessee's Robert Meachem, LSU's Dwayne Bowe and South Carolina's Sydney Rice.

Everyone in the NFL knows how much it's worth to a defense to have a cornerback capable of minimizing the impact of an opponent's No. 1 receiver. If there's a cover man capable of handling that kind of assignment as a rookie in 2007, it's going to be Houston, whose man-to-man skills are more instinctive and well-developed than any other defensive back in this year's collegiate talent pool.

On the minus side, I found this over at CBS Sportsline in a report on players who are falling on draft boards.

Chris Houston, CB, Arkansas: Houston is another big-name player who scouts have begun to question a bit as they are able to distance themselves from the Combine and review more film. As blessed as any cornerback in the country in terms of raw speed and strength, there is growing concern throughout the league that Houston really is the second coming of former Razorback bust Ahmad Carroll. Scouts for some teams drafting in the late first round and looking for cornerback, are giving Houston second- or even third-round grades. Most often, the comments scouts have is that while Houston is physically blessed, his lack of instincts and playmaking skills (only three interceptions of 22 passes defensed) make him a surprising liability. Scouts are also quick to point out that Houston is among the least willing of the draft's top cornerbacks in run support. Houston could prove to be a star, but he truly is a gamble.

I’m still unsure about him.

Troy Aikman is down with the new Phillips 34.

"I think they will be much more aggressive and have a much more attacking style of play," Aikman said, "which I can tell you from a quarterback’s perspective that is always challenging when you are not sure where people are coming from."

How not to draft.

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