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Jerry Jones, tequila and buying the Cowboys

Jerry Jones is an entertaining guy. Check out this short article about a talk he gave at the University of Central Arkansas. Here’s what he says about getting a championship ring.

Jerry Jones has an interesting way of explaining the significance of a championship ring.

"It's one of the only things that the other owners ... have to buy the winner. It's the only thing," Jones said. "Now if I had my way about it, I'd love to have all 32 owners put in about 5 million dollars apiece in a pot. That would be over 150 million, throw away the rulebook and say now the winner gets to take that home. See what the NFL would be like then."

Ha! That’s frickin’ brilliant. Could you imagine NFL owners battling for a $150 million jackpot at the end of the season? That would certainly change some NFL owner’s attitudes toward their teams. But is Jerry suggesting they do that every year? Man, it sure would be nice to be able to dump $5 million into a pot each year like its pocket change.

Jones didn’t stop there; he describes his initial moments of deciding to buy the Cowboys while on vacation in Mexico.

"The night before, I'd had too much tequila," Jones recalled Wednesday. "I just didn't feel like (swimming in) the waves that particular day. Looked down, and it said that Bum Bright was going to sell the Dallas Cowboys."

So Jones made a call:

"I said, 'Now I think I'm going to die, but if I live I'm going to come back to buy the Dallas Cowboys.'"

Jerry Jones was hitting the Jose Cuervo – or more likely with his money, it was Patron - and decided to buy the Cowboys. You’ve got to love it; of course, sometimes it feels like Jones is still hitting the tequila in terms of some of the decisions he’s made. Quincy Carter anyone?

Hat tip to Woody’s Girl over at the Zone, who manages to find even the most obscure articles about the Cowboys.

How lame is the opening to this article in the San Antonio Express-News?

If history is a decent guide, the Dallas Cowboys likely will select a bust should they elect to use the No. 22 pick in the NFL draft on April 28. The team has occupied that slot twice before and came up empty each time, selecting North Carolina State running back Charley Young in 1974 and tight end David LaFleur of LSU in 1997.

Oy. Citing two examples - one from 1974 - and concluding they are likely to pick a bust is just silly.

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