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Who's your pick?

Since the draft is drawing near, let's use this thread to guess our first round pick. Last year, I was pretty certain that the Cowboys were going to pick Bobby Carpenter. I'd say I was in the 80% positive range. I also wasn't that worried about another team drafting him in front of us, because our pick fell at the front-end of his value by most scouts. It wasn't exactly a reach by Dallas, but he might've lasted for a while longer if we hadn't grabbed him. But this really isn't about Bobby Carpenter, it's about the contrast between last year and this year, where I'm still stumped as to guessing our pick.

Earlier, I was leaning toward Aaron Ross. That was based on value, need and a realistic expectation about who would be available at our pick. Lately, I have to admit the prospect of a WR is interesting, but I’m still not ready to jump on that bandwagon. Another pressure player on defense would also be nice, and I guess a case could be made for solidifying the offensive line a little. Then there’s always the prospect of someone falling who makes sense no matter what the position is, this being the much sought after BPA.

Basically, Dallas has a ton of options this year, and no clear favorite has emerged. I do sense a lot of momentum toward WR Dwayne Bowe by many experts.

For right now, I’ll stick with Aaron Ross. But I warn you, I could easily change that opinion over the next week.

So who do you got for the Cowboys? Remember; try to make it somewhat realistic.

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