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Saints DE praises Leonard Davis

New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith calls b.s. on the underachiever label for Leonard Davis.

Unless he becomes a regular visitor to the Pro Bowl as a Cowboy, former Texas standout Leonard Davis will be remembered as one of the league’s biggest underachievers.

Although Will Smith understands why that’s so, the New Orleans Saints Pro Bowl defensive end rolls his eyes whenever he hears pundits pound Davis.

"I know why they call him an underachiever," Smith said. "People say that because he was a high draft pick and hasn’t been to the Pro Bowl every season, but I don’t think that’s what he is."


"Leonard Davis is [a] hard worker who brings his ‘A’ game every time he comes out there to play," Smith said. "Trying to be consistent as possible is the key to success in the NFL, and I think he’s proven he does that to everybody in the league."

We’ll see. I haven’t watched a lot of Arizona games over the years, so it’s hard for me to say with any certainty how Davis played over there. He has a clean slate with me, and I can’t wait to see him at camp.

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